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Best Smart Education Books For Kids

From the very beginning, stories have been considered helpful in improving the mental level of children along with entertainment. By these, we get knowledge of good and bad and moral values are also better. Here you will get information about some such good quality storybooks.
Stories play a very important role in improving the mental development of children. Keeping this in mind, we have brought here for you some wonderful and interesting kid’s education books. Reading these also gives moral knowledge and intellectual development in children. Along with this, these stories are also a good means of entertainment.

When it comes to ‘study time’, as a parent, have you ever wished for any of the following –

  • Enhanced language, speech and listening skills,
  • Increased concentration and discipline,
  • Preparation for academic success,
  • Improved imagination and creativity,
  • Comprehensive learning with overall growth, for the child, and,
  • Enjoying ‘study time’ with your child?
  • Smartstar Academia brings you all of this and then some more, in this thoughtfully curated set of books that is sure to fire your child’s imagination. Interactive learning, fun activities and an audio-enabling digital pen will transform those daily hours of plain reading and homework into a fascinating and fun-filled slot that you both will look forward to.
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Talking Ted Stylus

Each book explains at the outset, the functioning of this digital pen in detail. This digital tool, named Talking Ted, helps each word come alive and adds to the fun element of learning, which could otherwise become a drab exercise. As the readable text is instantly converted into its audio version, the child is able to grasp with ease and practice self-paced learning. It helps to impart a better vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

The bright bear, Talking Ted comes with his own change of clothes so kids can add more play to their learning time.

Each book explains at the outset, the functioning of this digital pen in detail. This digital tool, named Talking Ted, helps each word come alive and adds to the fun element of learning, which could otherwise become a drab exercise. As the readable text is instantly converted into its audio version, the child is able to grasp with ease and practice self-paced learning. It helps to impart a better vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. The bright bear, Talking Ted comes with his own change of clothes so kids can add more play to their learning time.

Children’s Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia contains illustrations, maps and photographs to inspire wonder in young minds. Each image will come to life with the help of Talking Ted and offer a description. The calls of animals can also be heard on the audio. 

Encyclopedias are treasure chests of knowledge and this one is no different; over 200 topics across subjects such as Human body, Animals, Birds, Space and Solar System have been covered here. This background knowledge of the young world around them helps children to make sense of what they hear, see and read. A must-have resource for every student, this text enables the discovery of the world around them. Incredible facts on a wide range of subjects, coupled with detailed images, turn homework into an exciting and engaging activity.


Foreign Language

Learning a new language helps broaden horizons by introducing us to the world that the language lives in. Acquiring a new language in early years primes the child’s brain to learn even more languages and this opens up many opportunities in later years.

  • French is one of the top 10 foreign languages in demand across the world. This set contains 6 modules that make learning it both simple and enjoyable.
  • The Beginners ‘A’ level includes 2 volumes, containing-
  • Alphabets, Articles, Conversation and Adjectives. They cover learning such as Who/What is this/Nationalities/Seasons/Calendar/France
  • The Intermediate ‘O’ level includes 4 volumes, containing-
  • Cardinal numbers, Conversations, Verbs, Vocabulary, Grammar and Sentence formation.

All of these facilitate interactive learning and include written, oral and listening exercises. Accurate pronunciation and intonation is made simple while an exhaustive vocabulary is being imbibed by the learner. You can enjoy this process with your young one and share the excitement of learning a foreign language. Your support makes a huge difference towards motivating your child, irrespective of whether you are new to the language yourself, or possess the bilingual advantage. Remember that you do not have to be fluent in the language to create an active learning environment. As an involved parent, you are providing an opportunity for this learning experience by using the Smartstar tool. And, needless to say, plenty of encouragement will definitely go a long way.

It’s never too early or too late to learn a new language. Besides being fun, it has lifelong social and cognitive benefits. Not only does it give young learners a head start, it boosts abilities such as critical thinking, listening skills and multitasking.

Enhanced creative potential and mental flexibility has been observed amongst kids who are well versed in other languages. Bilingual kids generally have better reading, writing and math skills which in turn helps them obtain better grades.

You are helping your child build a positive attitude towards those countries and cultures where this language is spoken. Contrary to popular belief, young kids are not confused when learning multiple languages. They navigate multilingual environments with even more ease.


Smartstar Academia has 4 books for the English language, divided into Beginner, Elementary, Junior and Senior respectively. 

It has a practical design where day-to-day themes and activities are used to teach the language. This makes it relevant for kids and it’s actual application becomes straightforward. A variety of speaking and listening activities underline the focus on these two skills. Confidence and fluency while conversing in the language is emphasized upon. Each lesson may be revised to absorb the concepts thoroughly.

english books


This is another book with speaking words and images, through which kids are introduced to the basics of the Hindi language. Phonetics and pronunciations are emphasized upon which makes them even easier to learn, especially for those for whom it is not a first language. Young kids inculcate the reading habit at an early age. Writing practice is included as well.

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Like the previous two books which are based on languages, Math is also a part of the regular school curriculum. It can become a daunting subject for some children, however, if basic concepts are not clarified at an early age. Here is where this book comes in, making the concepts of math easy for kids to grasp. Each one has spoken instructions that elaborate on it and interactive fun games that bring in further clarity. The explanations and accompanying activities generate more interest and eventually help with greater proficiency in the subject.

math for kids

Story Books- (Panchatantra & Story Time)

Anytime is a good time for a story; try and share atleast one story each day with your child.

31 ancient fables from the Panchatantra have been narrated in both Hindi and English to delight the child and impart valuable life lessons. Each story is followed by questions to understand the story better and learn more about the characters in it. Children can enjoy these exercises and the well illustrated stories by themselves, with the help of Talking Ted, under minimal supervision. Reading is relaxed and learning becomes delightful as the stories can be read along with the digital device.

Story Time is a collection of 162 charming stories under various categories such as Bedtime/Moral/Adventure. The illustrations are vibrant and keep the child constructively engaged. Language and communication skills are enhanced as kids listen to the stories and then recite them. Their pronunciations are strengthened and so is the confidence in their own abilities.  

You could read and listen to stories on some days and on other days the child can be encouraged to look at the pictures and create his own story!

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Smart Habits

Smart habits for a smartstar covers all those habits that children can begin to cultivate at an early age to stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

Some of the habits covered pertain to- Sleep, Personal hygiene, Cleanliness, eat right, Exercise, Etiquette, Patience, Time management, be organised, taking care of belongings, Discipline, ask what you want, Commitment, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Sharing, Honesty, Kind & helpful, Save resources, Gratitude, Accept defeat, Respect and care, Listen carefully, Teamwork, Religious Spirit, Smile and be happy, Mind control, Avoid.

Good habits enable children to develop well rounded personalities and become better citizens.

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Rhymes & Sticker Fun

The book on Fun with Rhymes has over 190 rhymes to read along and listen, in English and Hindi. The popular rhymes are enjoyed by kids as they can be learnt with much ease. Children enjoy rhythmic repetitions which makes rhymes so entertaining.

A Sticker book is always a favourite with kids. It has over 300 stickers on various topics in the set, such as Fruits & Birds as well as stickers to motivate children. The latter may be used by the parents to reward the child for completing various activities and acquiring good habits. They carry encouraging messages like “great effort” & “keep it up”.

fun with rhyms


Packs of cards to engage kids creatively are also included in this set. The activities and questions sustain the child’s curiosity and inspire learning. 

Smartstar Academia is a holistic collection of books that will have your child look forward to acquiring knowledge and gaining confidence. Be patient and keep the learning pace steady, until the child learns to pace herself or himself. Sharing your own ideas and stories helps keep children motivated.

Whenever possible, read your child’s favourite story or book to her. This helps with bonding and also gives a sense of well-being to the young one. Feelings of love and attention encourage positive development.

Encouraging the reading habit will help with imaginative activity which opens doors to new possibilities for your child. By helping to widen your child’s imagination, you are helping the child to dream bigger and think more creatively. This will always benefit them in the future.

Remember to allow for plenty of outdoors-play time and fresh air, which are equally important for growing brains.

As a parent and teacher you are likely to find the approach of Smartstar Academia so much more engaging. It will most certainly enhance the quality of parent-child interaction, which in turn will contribute to the child’s overall learning and academic success.

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