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safe shop real or fake & safe shop fruad

Is safe shop fraud or illegal company? Is safe Shop real or really a fake?

सेफ शॉप फ्रॉड

Today we are going to tell you what is Safe Shop Business, how it works and how you can make money from it, should you join or not, We are going to tell you about all these things in detail in this article.

Before joining the safe shop, they do not try to know complete information and later they start calling the safe shop fraud, illegal and fake company.

Products are very useful for any direct-selling company because if products are not good, then the company has no value. Earlier Safe Shop had packages starting from Rs.6,000 and more, which was not affordable for everyone but now Safe Shop has very affordable and cheap products, in which products start from Rs.100 only.

This is a direct-selling company that sells products directly to people. It deals in Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Education and many more. Safe Shop India has five missions, working on which the company is moving forward very fast today.

Safe Shop Products Category

  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Personal Care
  • Grocery
  • Spiritual
  • Travel
  • Learning & Knowledge
  • Footwear
  • Combo’s
safe shop products category

1. Health Mission

safe shop products

The first mission of the Safe shop company is health, to fulfill this health mission, the Safe Shop company has a tie-up with an Ayurvedic medicine company, its name is Haoma Ayurvedic. You get Ayurvedic medicines used in all types of diseases through Safe Shop Company.

2. Education Mission

safe shop talking ted

To fulfill the education mission, this company ties up with a company called Smart Star, which promotes a world-class education system. This company sells its educational products through Safe Shop company. Many types of its products are available through Safe Shop India, which are not available in the market.

3. Fashion Mission

To fulfill the fashion mission of the Safe Shop company, Company has tied up with big renowned companies of the country and abroad and every person knows about those who are fond of fashion.
Let me mention the names of some of those companies here. King Luther, Laranya Lavanya, Mia Kasa, Zeno, Scotch Moda, Stivali, Zibaldi, Grado, etc. many other National and International level brand companies are selling their products through Safe Shop.

4. Technology Mission

To fulfill the technology mission, the brand company with which company has tied up with Haoma.

5. Protection Mission

The responsibility of fulfilling the protection mission rests with the Safe Shop company itself. This company secures its associates and their entire family.
If any associate is a victim of an accident, then in such a situation company gives both id and insurance to their family members and their income continues to go to the family.

Safe Shop Products and Business Model

Safe Shop Products And Business Model
It sells its goods through a direct selling business system if you want to join it then you have to buy the products of this company which starts from 170. After that, you join the company if you sell company’s
products then you will get a commission on the basis of that. In this way, Safe Shop India is growing its business very fast.

Safe Shop India FAQ

1. Safe Shop fraud, illegal, fake or not?

No, Safe Shop is not a fake, fraud or illegal company. It is a government registered under MCA and is one of the legal direct selling companies listed. That’s why it cannot be called a direct fraud company. But some other company leaders cheat in Safe Shop India, they mislead to the people and they defame to the company with wrong information, which is absolutely wrong.

2. What is the fee for joining Safe Shop India?

There is no need to pay any fees to join Safe Shop India. But it is necessary to buy the product after joining, otherwise, it is not possible to earn money from Safe Shop.

3. Is it necessary to buy the product in Safe Shop India?

Yes, at the time of joining the Safe Shop India company it is necessary to buy products worth Rs.100 on average.

4. Should I join Safe Shop India?

The decision to join should be your own. Don’t join any direct selling company behind someone’s pressure or just motivation. First of all understand direct selling and know the advantages of direct selling company and disadvantages of direct selling. After that join a right product based company. According to me, there are many such companies in India, which are not a better option than Safe Shop according to the product and price.

Safe Shop India is a legal and government-registered company. Anyone can join Safe Shop to purchase with minimum price products. It completely depends on you and your product sales. Then you can get a commission after selling products. If we talk about the company’s products, it is cheap with good quality than other company.

5. How much money can be earned from Safe Shop India?

It completely depends on you how much you are able to sell the products of the company. But in the initial 1 to 2 years, you cannot expect a lot of money from the direct selling company.

6. When will you be successful in Safe Shop India?

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 years of struggle to be successful in any direct selling company. In which there is not much earning in the beginning. Therefore, in this, you have to improve your communication, presentation, and marketing skills and work hard for a few years. But here you should know how to sell more and more products to people.

7. What is Safe Shop Scam & Is Cheat Fund Company?

Friends, you can see that there are many such videos which are showing that safe shop scams, safe shop fraud and safe shop fake, that too by cutting and editing the clip on YouTube.
Friends, you have nothing to worry about it because Safe Shop India runs according to the guidelines of the Government of India and it is followed completely.
Direct selling guidelines were implemented in 2016, in which the company is registered, safe shop has all legal documents so we can say the company is not illegal in any way.
Many people make videos about safe shop India and they represent to safe shop company as cheat fund but it is completely wrong because its definition is to distribute money after taking money from people whereas safe shop India gives products and direct give their commissions to Direct Sellers.