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Annapurna Triply Tawa, Pan & Benz Multi Kadhai​

Both these products are made from stainless steel material. Steel utensils are mostly used for cooking in Indian kitchens. Steel utensils neither rust nor spoil quickly. It is such a material that is anti-corrosion, that is, protects it from rusting.

These are recycled materials that can be used by constructing again. It is highly durable and can be used for high temperature or low temperature, it easily distributes heat in both temperatures. Most people used stainless steel’s stuff for cooking and eating food, and food is also cooked quickly in it.

combo products

Now let’s know about the contents of these products.
You will get a Tawa in Annapurna Combo and tadka pan and You will get a Kadhai with a lid (26cm), and you can make easily any types of vegetable and dish you want in this pan,
you can also make stream dishes with the help of 2 plates at a time. In this, you will get 2 dhokla plates and the size of both plates is 21.8 cm, Mini idli plate size is 25.5 cm which you can ready 9 idlis, 2 medium size idli plate size of 25.5 cm, and seven idlis ready at once, 1 streamer plate size of 21.8 cm which you can ready few healthy dishes.


Advantages of Food Grade Stainless Steel:

  • Cooking food in it neither reduces its taste nor its nutrients.
  • Food-grade stainless steel does not corrode in contact with any acid.
  • Food-grade stainless steel is completely safe for the environment.
  • Food-grade stainless steel is also good for ovens. it doesn’t spoil quickly.
  • Food-grade stainless steel is not as heavy as other wooden utensils and is also dishwasher safe.
  • Food cooked in grade stainless steel is completely healthy as well as safe.

Features of Miakasa Annapurna Tri-Ply Tawa & Pan Combo


It has been used of premium quality material and you can use it in induction, gas stove, halogen, and electric stove.


Features of Miakasa Benz Multi-Kadhai 26 cm. 


It has cool handles so that you can easily hold the plates and they do not even feel hot.

You can make perfect size idli.
It has been used of high-quality material.
It has encapsulated bottom which cooks food very fast.
The lid of the pan is also made of stainless steel.

3-Layered Construction Suryaprabha Enterprises

Tawa and Pan are made up of 3 layers. The bottom of the kadhai is also made of 3 layers. These products are prepared by Suryaprabha Enterprises.
Its inner layer of 304-grade stainless steel which food does not burn and cooks well.
The aluminum core helps to distribute heat equally in all parts.
The upper layer is made of Magnetic Stainless Steel which works in both induction or stove.

Benefits of Miakasa Annapurna Tri-ply Tawa & Pan Combo

> Stainless steel.
> Durable and attractive
> Tri-ply constructed & scratch-resistant

Benefits of Miakasa Benz Multi-Kadhai 26cm

> Stainless steel
> Multi-purpose kadhai
> Suitable for both gas & induction