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Miakasa Safe Magic Fragnance Dishwash Bar (300gmsx4pcs) Pack Of 2

Gentle on hands but tough on cleaning, this detergent bar banishes food particles and oil residue from your dishes in a jiffy. Lemon leaves the utensils squeaky clean while Aloe keeps your hands from drying up. The fragrance of lemon smells pleasantly fresh and the absence of harmful chemicals like caustic soda makes this an eco-friendly option.

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safe magic

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Click on the image to Share & Download it......

About This Item

Lemon and aloevera are available in safe magic dishwash bar.
Vitamin C is found in lemon, due to which lemon has a wonderful fragrance.
A protein named keratin e is found in Aloe Vera which is good for our skin and aloe vera is also used in many cosmetic products.
That’s why both of them have been used in Safe Magic Dishwash Bar.

Dishwash bars are available in many sizes and shapes.
This is the biggest disadvantage in dishwash bar that after using it once, bacteria start growing on its surface, but having lemon in Safe Magic dishwash bar does not allow bacteria to grow.
Dishwashing bar can be harmful for hands, which can make hands dry, but due to the aloe vera in Safe Magic dishwash bar, it does not let dry your hands.

Safe Magic Dishwash Bar Quality.

  • Gentle on your
  • Hands.
  • Tough on Stains.
  • Degreasing power of lemon.
  • Refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • No caustic soda.
safe magic dishwash bar

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