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La Rasoi Enriched Cow Milk Ghee 1 Ltr By Sri Sri Tattva

La Rasoi cow-milk ghee belongs to our premium range of food products.

Ghee or clarified butter is added to ready food and also used as a cooking medium, offering flavour, nutrition and health benefits. A nourishing source of energy and healthy fats, it may be applied to rotis and added to dals and vegetables at mealtimes.

La Rasoi ghee is made the traditional way using hand-churned butter. The cows are pasture-raised on a rich natural diet, without being administered any chemicals or antibiotics.

The therapeutic properties of ghee are well documented. Since ghee derived from cow’s milk is said to hold sattvic energy, it supports physical strength, a strong mind,robust health and longevity.Besides helping to keep the body warm and keeping colds at bay, ghee is known to promote heart, skin, and intestinal health.

MRP: Rs. 850.00
Our Price: Rs. 772.00

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Cow Ghee 1ltr