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Haoma Health Vitamin-c Tablets (100n)

Vitamin-C is a plant-based wellness formula, with Amla as its chief ingredient. Amla is one of the richest natural source of Vitamin-C. Haoma Vitamin C contains Zinc as well. Both these nutrients are not produced by the body but derived externally. Since they are not stored in the body either, it is important to ensure adequate levels of the same in the body.

Vitamin C is a key factor in building and maintaining the health of tissues and cells. It boosts immunity and helps prevent infections.Since it aids in the absorption of iron derived from food sources, regular consumption of this vitamin helps keep anaemia at bay.

It also aids with building collagen which is important for the health of skin, cartilage,blood vessels and eyes.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before consuming any supplements.

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Haoma Vitamin-c Tablets (100n)