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Haoma Reload (1kg)

While an ideal level of hydration needs to be maintained in the body at all times, one can lose energy and essential body salts especially during the scorching summers. Everyday activities such as walking and driving can deplete energy and leave you listless, particularly those of you that workout regularly.

Haoma Reload Energy Powder can be consumed safely, for providing instant energy and boosting activity levels & preventing dehydration and muscle cramps. Follow printed instructions on the container.

Reload Instant Energy comes to the rescue, a delicious orange-flavoued formula from Safe Shop, that is absorbed fast and easily restores your energy to high levels. Electrolytes, vitamins and carbohydrates present in the mix act as an instant refresher, immediately retrieving lost alertness and concentration.

Reload Energy Drink is the best fuel for energy recovery, dehydration and tiredness. It can beat fatigue anytime, whether post workout ,preparing for a workout or standing for long hours in the kitchen. The drink combats muscle stiffness and helps you perform at peak levels.

When you lose electrolytes through exertion and sweat, it can lead to dehydration, which, amongst other unhealthy effects, depletes focus and brings on painful muscle cramps. Haoma Reload Instant Energy powder from Safe Shop renews these lost stores instantly with its sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium constituents. It helps kick you back into action as the glucose works to spark physical and mental activity.

No more tiredness, fatigue and sore muscles; simply add Haoma Reload as per instructions on the pack, to a glass of water and savour the delicious drink for instant rejuvenation.

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