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Haoma Noni Premium (1000 Ml) Duo

Noni is a health drink prepared from an evergreen plant of the same name. This plant is naturally rich in the powerful Phytonutrient -Proxeronine, antioxidants, vitamins and contains more than 150 nutrients. This tonic from Haoma is an energy booster and immunity builder. It helps in the formation of red blood cells, maintains heart health and regulates blood sugar levels.

Additionally, this tonic contains Kokum and Ashwagandha. Kokum, also known as Malabar tamarind, is an excellent source of antioxidants and has traditionally been used to heal a host of health issues. Ashwagandha,a herb commonly used to combat stress, is also beneficial for anxiety, sleeping disorders, appetite regulation, respiratory ailments and liver health.

Suggested dosage and storage instructions are mentioned on the packaging.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before consuming any supplements.

MRP: Rs. 3,306.00
Our Price: Rs. 1,999.00

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Haoma Noni Premium (1000 Ml) (pack Of 2)