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Haoma Herbal Toothpaste (100gms) (pack Of 6)

What is 100% vegetarian, keeps tooth decay away, holds your smile intact and has a unique herbal flavour? Safe Shop Haoma Herbal Toothpaste, of course! Toothpastes mark the beginning of our day and this one is thoughtfully formulated for your oral-care routine. It is packed with the extraordinary power of high quality ingredients sourced from nature , namely,Tulsi, Neem, Haldi and Cloves.

These organic herbs team up to combat plaque and tartar,ensuring fresh breath, strong teeth and gums, gum tightening and enamel protection.

Plant based, non-abrasive and boasting the purest herbal extracts, Safe Shops Herbal fresh toothpaste also helps soothe sensitive teeth and gums, thus, promoting overall oral hygiene. This makes it the best herbal toothpaste; perfect for the entire family!

Haoma Herbal fresh toothpaste comes in user friendly packaging, the classic tube. It promises to be a best friend, keeping your teeth clean, protected and healthy. For best results, use this cavity fighter twice daily, or as directed by a dentist. Bring home this all-natural toothpaste today and flash your pearly smile with confidence.

MRP: Rs. 954.00
Our Price: Rs. 508.00

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Haoma Herbal Toothpaste (100gms) (pack Of 6)

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