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Haoma Brain And Health Booster 500ml

Safe Shop presents the Brain And Health Booster tonic for growing children aged 6-12 years (or aged 6 and above?). This tasty tonic is based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes with curative powers.The memory-booster brain-health Advanced formula from Haoma contains 5 powerful herbs-ashwagandha, shankhapushpi, brahmi ,vacha and aloe vera in a delicious syrup format, which is loved by kids. Ashwagandha balances hormones and helps children deal with excessive emotional, physical or mental fatigue.It keeps children active and the powerful antioxidants in it combat free radicals that cause ageing of brain cells.Shankhapushpi is beneficial to the central nervous system. It contains natural steroids ,flavonoids and antioxidants which help with memory retrieval, concentration, reasoning and problem-solving abilities. It keeps children calm and alert by acting on the central nervous system and alleviating stress. Brahmi improves learning rate and information processing speed.It is also said to calm symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness and restlessness in children. Vacha holds bountiful benefits for children.With natural brain stimulation and rejuvenation properties, it has the potential to improve intelligence as well as strengthen vocal chords in children.Ensuring better nutrient and mineral absorption to the brain cells is what Aloe Vera helps with. In promoting and stabilising digestive health, it keeps the mind healthy too. Alongwith this miracle supplement- Safe Shop Brain and Health Booster, we suggest that you try to keep aside a distraction-free environment for some time daily, and play games with your child to build focus; at the same time allow the child to have some time for gadgets and other interests. Remember that physical activity and play-time are known to positively impact the health and metabolism of the brain.

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Haoma Brain And Health Booster