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Haoma Aloe Vera With Kesar And Green Tea 1l

"Aloe vera is a humble looking water-dense plant with incredible healing qualities. Extracted from the leaf and used in its raw form, it has been a favourite beauty hack for ages, and its antibacterial, cooling properties are great for digestive performance. Since hair growth and radiant skin is closely linked to metabolism and proper digestion, Aloe vera is a beauty boon offering immense benefits for the face and hair.

When combined with green tea extract and kesar,it also reduces dark spots, acne breakouts and fine lines, besides helping with healthy weight loss Green tea by itself is a powerful antioxidant, which means it helps protect the cells in our body from free radicals and oxidative stress. It is the least processed type of tea, where the tea leaves and buds are packaged for consumption without withering and oxidising. Studies have shown that green tea improves brain function, aids with weight control, protects against cancer and lowers the risk of both heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Green tea has been used for centuries to regulate body temperature and heal wounds faster.

The cosmetics industry favours green tea extract in its skincare range, as green tea when applied topically, has a soothing, anti inflammatory effect.

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Haoma Fresh Aloe Vera With Kesar And Green Tea