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Unisex Clogs Shoes For Men, Women & Kids

Nowadays clogs are being popular a lot in the footwear category. Unisex Clogs are very much liked in footwear due to its merits. Due to its design and material, you can use it as a slipper cum shoe. They are very comfortable. When you have to stand for a long time or stay in movement, then the need for such footwear is felt because it provides maximum comfort. High quality comfortable shoes should be taken for children and men.

best unisex clogs

These affordable clogs are also ideal for gifting. In this you are getting steady grip. Unisex clogs are a style that is being followed in many countries, but as time progresses the design is changing more and more.

However, some of the old-fashioned designs have now come back in trend, which look very beautiful and classic. Nowadays, many types of shoes and slippers are available in the market, but despite this, wearing clogs is a different thing, because it is very comfortable for our feet as well and according to our size, it is considered perfect, which is also fit in appearance and feels good. If you are also fond of wearing clogs, then our clogs have been explained in detail further.

Choosing the perfect shoes for kids is not an easy task. In the growing years, a lot of time has to be spent searching for the right size and stylish-looking shoes for children’s feet.
Children are very energetic and run around a lot. He does not sit still easily and keeps on jumping from here to there all day long. He also participates in sports at school, due to which the chance also increases of getting an injury in his feet. so their shoes should also be strong. Along with this, it is also very important to have comfortable shoes.

Unisex clogs can be wear by children, men and women of any age group. Clogs are very popular, fashionable and stylish. It is very much liked, today we will know about it in detail.
There are three styles, fit feet kids clogs, unisex comfywalk clogs, and hyperfoam flip flop in scotch moda. Scotch Moda all-day comfort footwear range for all age group.
It is a combination of both shoes and slippers, that is why it is one of the best selling products in the market. gym and also for the park etc.
It is great for daily wear, playing, outdoor activities. It features a knitted fabric upper material and a rubber sole that provides a smooth grip on any kind of surface. Unisex Clogs has good cushioning which will make kids comfortable wearing it.

Unisex Clogs is manufactured by COLUMBUS INTERNATIONAL SHOES Pvt. Ltd.

This company has experience of more than 40 years and this is a also ISO certified company.


1. Unisex Clogs are very soft to wear.
2. It has been used of high-density Eva foam.
3. It provides cushion comfort so that the feet do not get tired.
4. Heel cup has been used in this, the part behind the joint which holds the heel is called cup heel and in the same way it provides grip.
5. Due to this there is no pressure on the feet, but it is more comfortable to walk.


Scotch Moda unisex clogs are designed with everyone in mind. It is not only good to wear but also very attractive to look at. Kids clogs feature a smart and playful water fun splash design around the sole. Unisex has a ventilated design so that air circulation in your feet. Unisex comfy walk clogs have designed around the sole.
As soon as it gets dirty, you can easily wash it with soap and it can be made new again. Unisex grip is very good and apart from this, if you look at it from above, it also remains covered.
You can carry these best clogs with jeans and can be worn with shorts etc. It is value to-money product. Anyone can purchase this product whether a child or an Adult.


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is a trendy slipper for men.
  • It is washable and durable.
  • It has Anti-Slip features.
  • It gives cool comfort to wear.