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Pooja Essentials Thali, Jyot & Air Freshener

These are products that keep the environment of the safe shop pure and are useful in worship. We have Dev Aradhna Pooja Thali stainless Steel, Organic Pure Cow Ghee Jyots, Mogra scented Jyots with plastic box & Sambrani Cups.

dev aradhna pooja thali

Dev Aradhna Pooja Thali Stainless Steel

Miakasa Dev Aradhana Pooja Thali Stainless Steel

Dev Aradhna Pooja Thali Stainless Steel There is special importance of worshiping daily in Hindu religion. Everyone has their own rules of worship. It is very important to take some precautions while preparing Puja Thali. If this is not done, the worship is considered incomplete.
Special worship (Puja Path) is done in the morning and evening and on festivals. According to religious beliefs, daily positive energy remains in the house and negative energy is removed by worshiping. It keeps peace and prosperity remains in the house due to this.
This thali set is made of stainless steel in which silver pvd, this is a environment friendly and it gives shining to the utensils. The design of the plate is perfect, you can easily keep worship material like Dhoop, Agarbatti, Deepak, Tilak rice, flowers, prasad, bell etc.
Along with this, the design of Om has been made, it further enhances its beauty. You can carry it not only for your home worship but also for your office and for your shop or if we are going to worship in the temple anytime you can take it.
*Silver PVD.
*Perfect design.
*Adds beauty.
*The set contains:-
*A pooja thali.
*A prayer bell.

Organic Pure Cow Ghee Jyots

Miakasa Organic Pure Cow Ghee Jyots

According to astrologers, the worship of mother is considered incomplete without lighting the Jyoti during Navratri. By lighting Jyoti in pure desi ghee of cow, one gets blessings of good luck, happiness and prosperity and the bad effect of Shani goes away.
The history of jyots in India is authentically more than 5000 years old. Fire has importance in every religion since ancient times. In the Vedas, Agni has been considered as a direct deity. That’s why in Hinduism, before any auspicious work, a jyots is lit in front of the God. There are both religious and scientific reasons for lighting a jyot.

Religious Reasons

Jyot is a symbol of knowledge and light. Jyot is considered a symbol of positivity and a remover of poverty. The reason for lighting the jyot is that we remove the darkness of ignorance and make effort for the light of knowledge in our lives. According to our religious scriptures, it is considered mandatory to light a lamp at the time of worship. Generally, the tradition of lighting an odd number of lamps is going on. Lighting a lamp of ghee brings happiness and prosperity in the house. Due to this, Lakshmi resides permanently in the house. Ghee has been considered as one of the Panchamrit. five nectars. To get the full result of any sattvik worship.

Scientific Reasons

Cow’s ghee has the ability to drive away germs. When this ghee comes in contact with the fire in the lamp, it purifies the atmosphere. This removes pollution. Lighting a lamp benefits the whole house. Whether he participates in worship or not. Lighting a lamp is a sequence to make the house pollution free. In a fire, nothing gets destroyed when it gets burnt, rather it breaks into small invisible pieces and spreads in the atmosphere. That’s why the spread of ghee from the fire purifies the atmosphere.

Keep in mind these things related to Jyot in worship -

Miakasa Mogra Scented Jyots With Plastic Box

– Devi and Devta should put ghee jyot towards their left hand and oil jyot towards their right hand.
– The flame should not be extinguished while worshiping.
– White cotton wick should be used for ghee flame. While the light of red thread has been said to be the best for the oil jyot.
– A fragmented jyot should never be lit in worship. Broken material is not considered auspicious in religious works.
*Organic cow ghee jyots.
*Perfect for pooja.
*Burning time is about 30 minutes.
*Easy to carry and store.
*100 pieces.

Miakasa Sambrani Cups

Fragrant smoke comes out from burning the Sambrani cup, which makes the atmosphere in the home and worship holy, pure, fragrant. In this article, we will tell you how to make sambrani cup and sambrani mix at home, as well as the benefits of sambrani smoke and fragrance. Sambrani or frankincense is pounded and some other ingredients are mixed with it to make small cup shaped moulds, which are called Sambrani cups.

Miakasa Sambrani Cups

Benefits of burning Sambrani cup

1. In India, smoking Sambrani has been considered auspicious since time immemorial. Sambrani is smoked during religious rituals in temples, places of worship of all religions. This makes the atmosphere pure, holy and creates positivity, good feelings.
2. By burning Sambrani, mosquitoes and moths run away and the germs and microbes of the environment are destroyed. To light the Sambrani cup, its outer round edge is completely lit and allowed to burn for 1 minute, then extinguished.
3. Burning Sambrani cup before worship, meditation, its fragrant smoke helps in concentration of mind and brings clarity in thoughts. In spiritual practices, the fragrance of Sambrani increases Consciousness and Inner awareness.
4. It is believed that burning Sambrani drives away evil spirits and also purifies the air.
5. According to Ayurveda, its smoke calms the nervous system, dispels negative thoughts, calms the mind. The fragrance of Sambrani uplifts the mood and makes the atmosphere pleasant.
6. The smoke produced by burning sambrani cup or sambrani powder on coals is anti-bacterial, medicinal and curative.
*Sambrani cup with loban.
*100% natural.
*Removes negativity.
*Repels mosquitoes.
*Clean fragrance.
*60 pieces.