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The odour of sweat, particularly in the summer season, can be an unpleasant one. In such a situation, deodorants and perfumes are your best friend. Try these options for your body, mind and surroundings to feel fresh.

The origin of perfume in India can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It has been mentioned in Hindu Ayurveda texts, Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.

On hearing the name of a perfume, a fragrance floats in the mind, doesn’t it?

When someone passes by you wearing strong perfume, your attention automatically goes toward them.

It’s demand increases in the summer season. People use perfume for relief from the unpleasant odour of sweat as well as to experience luxurious scents.

 The word perfume was first used in Menkia about 400 years ago. Historians believe that after Mesopotamia, the technique of making perfume was elevated by the Persians. It was developed by them and remained their monopoly for a long time. Later, the art of making perfumes reached the Greek and Roman empires.


History Of Perfume In India

The origin of perfume in India can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The code of Charak, considered to be an authority on Ayurveda, mentions the use of fragrance. India’s Kannauj has also been known worldwide for perfumes. It is said to have started in Kannauj in the 7th century. Presently Hyderabad is famous for perfumes.

Perfume making as a business first began in Paris in 1190. The beginning of modern perfume as we know it now.

Deodorants, Itra & Perfumes

Perfume is that it can be sprinkled or sprayed directly on the body.

The perfume lasts longer and its fragrance intensifies with body heat. A deodorant usually contains a 10 to 15 percent solution of essential oil and light alcohol, while a perfume contains 15–25 percent essential oil.

Monsieur and Cherie

cherie & monsieur-perfume

This is the best perfume with best quality and best fragrance. Nice smelling perfumes for both men and women. In this article we will talk about fine fragrances for men.

Monsieur is receiving a very good response on the Safeshop India site. There is a variety to choose from, according to your style and preference.

A good perfume completes your personality. Body odor caused by humidity and perspiration bothers us during the rainy season as well. When attending a meeting or party or getting close to someone, a good perfume announces your presence. The aqua fragrance not only improves your mood but also leaves a special impression on those that you come across.

There are many different types of perfumes. Most people prefer perfumes with long lasting fragrance. Let’s talk about a few select perfumes which are created specially for those of you that are looking for superior quality and a refined experience.

I Bae Luxury Men Perfume-Monsieur

It is specially made for men. Its seductive and bold fragrance will have a positive impact on the people around.

The fragrance adds amazing charm to your personality.

It does not contain toxic chemicals and lasts for a long time.

It maintains your elegance and appeal all day long, wherever you are.

It is skin friendly and suitable for daily use. The freshness of the fragrance keeps you relaxed.

Special care has been taken to balance the ingredients of this traditionally prepared perfume. Whic is why it stays for longer and adds a distinguished identity to your presence.

I Bae Luxury Women Perfume-Cherie

Along with taking care of their beauty, women also pay a lot of attention to their fragrance. Everyone has their own unique fragrance and when mixed with perfume, it can be enhanced considerably. But fine and fragrant perfumes can be very expensive. Let us learn about the best perfume for women, which will be easy on the pocket too.

Many women use deodorant as perfume. But deo is deo, after all, and perfume is perfume! That is why if you are looking for a fragrance to wear on a special occasion or one that lasts long, we have the perfect product.

Talking about Luxury Women Perfume-Cherie, its is a budget-friendly perfume that leaves a very charming and attractive impact.

Also, the fragrance of this perfume stays for a longer time.

You can use this perfume throughout the year without any worry as it is crafted from fine ingredients and will keep you smelling fresh and feminine.

This perfume is very attractively packaged. The floral scent of Cherie perfume is refreshing and the design of the perfume bottle is also very attractive.

The fragrance of this perfume is so charming that you will fall in love with it as soon as you wear it. Also, it will keep you smelling fabulous for several hours.

The fragrance of this perfume is alluring. If you are thinking of gifting someone special, or a couple, then this is a nice idea because it would make for an elegant present.


Keep perfumes and deodorants away from the reach of children because if children accidentally spray them in their eyes, nose, ears or mouth, it could cause harm. There is also the risk of choking on the bottle, lid etc.

Older children may also want to use these products once in a way, to smell good.

Do you know how and where to apply perfume?

If you are going out at night or going on a date, then spray the perfume on your wrists and sides of the neck. Re-apply as required.

Apply moisturizer before spraying perfume. The moisturiser holds on to the fragrance for longer, possibly throughout the day. Perfume on dry skin will not last as long.

It can also be sprayed on other pulse points, such as, behind the ears. Since it is an extension of your unique persona, wear it as you feel comfortable. Spraying it on your clothes will give off a subtle scent all day long.