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Safe Shop India was founded in the year 2000, with a mission to providing you with the possibility of earning while learning, through the rarest of business opportunities. Safe Shop India aims to contribute its vision of turning people's dreams into reality by imparting valuable education and securing their lives and family with our progressive programs and business opportunities blended with international quality products. Our Vision and products have created a strong enriched customer base of over thousands of direct sellers in almost every part of India. Customer service in direct selling is one of the most important ways to keep direct sellers/customers coming back. It includes responding to customers questions and complaints in a thorough and timely manner and interacting with customers through chat, telephone, mail, fax, and email.

Products For You

Haoma Spiritual 6 In 1 Agarbatti-108 Sticks

I Bae Glam & Glitter Nail Enamel Pack

Laranya Lavanya Ladies Suit-Mint Green

Mia Kasa Sambrani Cups (Pack of 60pcs)

Haoma Afresh Koff Kare Syrup Duo

Miakasa Benz Multi Kadhai 26cm

Safeair Room Air Purifier

Scotch Moda Stellar Black Running Shoes

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Smart Star Academia

Laranya Lavanya Saree

LA RASOI scaled

Natural Handpicked Tea

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Smart Star Academia

haoma health bone

Haoma Bone Health Tablets

charcoal face wash

Charcoal Scrub And Face

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